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Tourmalines are the most colorful gemstones found in nature. They add versatility and beauty to your jewelry. Tourmalines can be colorless, white, pink, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black or multi colored. Some stones are cut to display their multi-colors. Emerald cuts of tourmaline displaying chrome and clear tones together are mostly desired.
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Rubellite can range from a light pink to a very dark, opaque red. Also known as Red Tourmaline, is a stone of the perfected heart - one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. Available in free sizes, fine cutting and good colors, this stone is one you should definitely try.
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Tanzanite, colored by Vanadium, is normally heat treated to bring out the intense purple, blue and greyish colors. The color seen depends on the angle they are viewed from. Tanzanite is usually heat treated to produce violet-blue color. Available in all shapes, sizes and cuts, this is a remarkable addition of the blue family in your jewellery.

Pizza Cut

These newly conceived creations are affirming refinement, by secluding pureness of feminine lines and transforming them into timeless jewels. The sparkling brilliance of harmoniously composed diamonds and precious gems will add grace to any apparel. The opulent spirit of Pizza Cut creations is attained by blending classical style with fashionable trends; at the same time satisfying the desire for generous diamond sizes.

About the product:

In the center of every creation, there are invisibly set compositions of baguette diamonds and precious gems, transformed into Asscher or Emerald cut forms. Round brilliants are created from fancy cut diamonds and color stones. They appear to be in the sizes ranging from one up to five carats. This is an innovative and modern idea, which gives the liberty to wear important diamonds and gems daily. This PIZZA CUT DIAMOND costs 90% less the the single stone , it’s made possible by combining tailor cut diamonds to give finish of single stone, it gives enormous price advantage to your customer, one carat actual weight of pizza cut diamonds give face up of 2.5 carat diamond

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Our strength lies in our exhaustive and a well-organized process of sourcing, cutting, polishing and marketing the stones.